The Maritime Experiential Museum in Sentosa, Singapore

The Maritime Experiential Museum in Sentosa Overview:

Singapore, this fantastic city known for its lively culture, cool buildings, and delicious food, has something beyond its flashy skyline. Imagine heading to Sentosa Island, where you’ll discover a special place that takes you on a time-travelling adventure, revealing the incredible maritime history of the area – it’s called The Maritime Experiential Museum in Sentosa. This great spot isn’t just about having fun; it’s a mix of entertainment and learning, making you feel like you’re part of the sea’s history.

Location And Operating Hours:

Location on Sentosa Island: The museum is right here on Sentosa Island, a well-loved resort island linked to the central part of Singapore.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269.

Operating Hours: Usually, the museum opens its doors at 10 AM and closes up around 7 PM.

  • Holiday Hours: Keep in mind on Singapore’s national holidays, the schedule might change. Look up a guide for the latest updates.
  • Stay Updated: Operating hours can shift, so it’s a good idea to check the official website or call the museum to get the most current info before you plan your visit.

Exhibits and Attractions:

  • Exciting Features: Dive into giant replicas of old ships, interactive displays, and the fabulous Typhoon Theater.
  • Hands-On Displays: Get hands-on with touch screens, fantastic activities, and lifelike simulations for an immersive adventure.

Typhoon Theater:

  • Showtimes: Catch the Storm: The Typhoon Theater has an excellent multimedia show that feels like a real sea storm. Check the schedule before you go.
  • Ticket Extras: Some tickets already cover the Typhoon Theater, but there might be an extra fee for others. Check the details when you book.

Practical Tips:

1. Online Booking: Skip the long lines by booking your tickets online.

2. Photography Policy: You can usually take pictures, but be mindful of where you use the flash – some spots might ask you not to. Always follow the rules given by the museum.

3. Duration of Visit: Aim for 2-3 hours to take in everything at the museum and enjoy all the excellent exhibits.

4. Guided Tours: If guided tours are available, they’re fantastic for deep diving into the cool stuff on display!

5. Combine with Other Attractions: If you’re keen, consider combining your visit with other cool stuff on Sentosa Island for a whole day of fun.


Wheelchair Accessibility: Usually, the museum makes it easy for wheelchairs to roll around. Ask about the services available if you need extra help or have special needs.

Admission Fees:

Ticket Prices can differ for adults, kids, and seniors.

Combo Tickets: Consider getting combo tickets if you’re checking out other incredible spots on Sentosa Island – it could save you some cash!

Estimated Costs:

  • Adults (13-59): SGD 38 – SGD 42
  • Children (4-12): SGD 28 – SGD 32
  • Seniors (60 and above): SGD 28 – SGD 32

Note: The prices mentioned are close estimates and might change. It’s best to check the official website for the latest and most accurate info.

Contact Information:

Official Website: Maritime Experiential Museum
Contact: +65 6577 8888 (Resorts World Sentosa)

The Maritime Experiential Museum in Singapore is like a time-travel adventure into the incredible history of the seas. With excellent exhibits, hands-on displays, and exciting shows, it’s a mix of fun and learning. If you’re exploring the past and the ocean, this museum is a must-visit spot in Southeast Asia. It’s a journey you will remember!

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