Singapore Flyer Ticket Prices

Your Complete Guide to Singapore Flyer Ticket Prices:

If you’re coming to Singapore, you must see this super cool thing – the Singapore Flyer. This vast wheel lets you know the city from way up high, and it’s fantastic! But here’s the best part: the Flyer isn’t just a ride. It’s got different kinds of Singapore Flyer Ticket Prices and combos that make your adventure even more exciting and memorable. So, get ready for a fantastic time!

Here are more details about ticket prices, combo options, and other things to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to visit the Singapore Flyer:

Singapore Flyer Standard Ticket Prices:

At the Singapore Flyer, you’ve got choices for your tickets. Check out the regular ticket prices below:

  • For Adults (aged 13-59), ticket prices usually start at around S.G.D. 33 and can go up to $35.
  • For Kids (aged 3-12), tickets usually cost about S.G.D. $21 to $23.
  • For Senior citizen (60 years and above), tickets typically range from S.G.D. $24 to $26.
  • Children under three years old usually enter for free.

Combo Packages:

The Singapore Flyer often offers combo packages that allow visitors to enjoy multiple attractions or experiences at a discounted rate. Some popular combo options include:

  • Flyer + Gardens by the Bay: Get two adventures in one! This package lets you visit the Singapore Flyer and check out the fantastic Gardens by the Bay, which is super close.
  • Flyer + River Cruise: This package gives you a ride on the Singapore Flyer and a fabulous river cruise along the Singapore River. You’ll see fantastic landmarks and learn about the city’s history!
  • Flyer + Marina Bay Sands Skypark: Double the fun! This combo gets you into the Singapore Flyer and the Skypark at Marina Bay Sands. You’ll get to see excellent views from two super-high spots!
  • Flyer + S.E.A. Aquarium Combo: Dive into double fun! This combo gets you into the Singapore Flyer and the S.E.A. Aquarium. It’s a great choice for families and people who adore marine life!

Singapore Flyer Family Packages:

The Singapore Flyer has incredible deals for families! They’ve got special packages that make both grown-ups and kids happy. These deals might give families a discount and give kids some extra cool stuff, too.

Sunset Special deal:

Sometimes, you can catch a special treat called sunset specials. This means you enjoy the Flyer when the sun sets and everything looks magical. These deals also come with bonuses like more time to enjoy or try something special to eat!

Photography Packages:

If you’re into taking incredible photos, watch for photography packages. These packages sometimes let you go to cool spots for pictures and even join workshops to get the best city shots.

Combo Packages with Museums:

You can also visit local museums or cool cultural spots in some combo packages. It’s a great way to dive into Singapore’s heritage and arts scene!”

Booking and Savings: Booking your Singapore Flyer escapade is simple and convenient:

Booking and Availability: You can buy tickets for the Singapore Flyer and combo packages through various channels:
Online Booking: Easily book your tickets through the official Singapore Flyer website. Also, you can choose the date and time you like.
On-site Ticketing Counter: You can also get tickets right at the ticketing counter at the Singapore Flyer.
Authorized Ticketing Partners: Certain travel agencies and partners could have tickets for the Singapore Flyer in their packages.

Priority Boarding:

If you want to get on the Singapore Flyer quicker and hassle-free, you can choose priority boarding. Priority boarding tickets cost a bit more than regular tickets, but they’re worth it for the convenience.

Singapore Flight Option:

Choose the Singapore Flight option for a fancier experience! With this choice, you usually skip the line and use a particular lounge before your ride. It’s more luxurious and lets you enjoy the Flyer without waiting too long.

Enjoy a Special Meal in the Sky:

Check out the Sky Dining options if you’re up for a memorable dinner with stunning views! With these packages, you can have a fancy meal in your private capsule as the Flyer goes around. The cost of Sky Dining can change depending on the meal and package you pick.

Insider Tips:

  • Look at the official website for promotions, special deals, and the latest prices.
  • Think about booking early, especially when lots of tourists are around. That way, you can pick the time you want and not wait in long lines.
  • Keep an eye out for any special events or limited-time combo deals that the Singapore Flyer might offer.
  • Booking your tickets online in advance often comes with discounts, making it a cost-effective way to secure your spot and save some money.

Annual Passes and Membership:

If you plan to visit the Singapore Flyer multiple times or want access to exclusive benefits, check out their annual passes and membership deals. Before planning your visit, verify the most current details from the official Singapore Flyer website or customer service.

Remember that ticket prices and offers are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check the official Singapore Flyer website. You can also contact to customer service for the latest and up-to-date info. Planning and researching different ticket options can help you tailor your experience to your preferences and budget.

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