Singapore Flyer : Sky-High Adventures and Breathtaking Views

Singapore Flyer Overview:

Welcome to a breathtaking journey above the iconic cityscape of Singapore! In this city full of famous spots, there’s one that stands really tall – the Singapore Flyer! The Singapore Flyer attraction, a colossal observation wheel nestled in the heart of Marina Bay, offers an unparalleled experience that combines panoramic views, exquisite dining, and a touch of wonder.

Here, we will explore all the good things that make Singapore Flyer a place Visitors want to take advantage of!

Singapore Flyer Location:

Situated in Marina Bay, the Singapore Flyer anchors a hub of modern architecture, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife. This central location makes it easy for visitors to explore nearby landmarks after their ride.

30 Raffles Avenue Singapore 039803

The Singapore Flyer is in the heart of Marina Bay, making it easily accessible from various parts of the city. Reaching the Flyer is a breeze whether visitors use public or private vehicles. The nearest MRT station is the Promenade Station (Circle Line / Downtown Line), just a short walk away. Taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available as well.

Here are some details about the Singapore Flyer and its attractions:

Observation Wheel:

The Singapore Flyer’s height is like a giant wheel in the sky, going as high as 165 meters(541 feet), making it one of the tallest observation wheels in the world. It has 28 air-conditioned capsules, each capable of holding up to 28 passengers. The slow rotation of the wheel takes about 30 minutes to complete a full revolution, providing ample time for visitors to enjoy the views and take photographs.

Singapore Flyer Views (Panoramic):

The Singapore Flyer’s main attraction is its breathtaking panoramic view. You can spot all the cool places everyone talks about when you’re up there! Look out for famous places like Marina Bay Sands, the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, the friendly Merlion Park, and the busy Central Business District. If the weather’s great, you might even glimpse Malaysia and Indonesia!

Singapore Flyer Dining:

The Singapore Flyer has something called Sky Dining packages. It’s like having a fancy dinner while riding in your private capsule way up high. Imagine enjoying yummy food while looking at the fantastic views! They’ve got different dining choices, so whether it’s a romantic dinner or a special celebration, they’ve got you covered!

Capsule Experience:

Every capsule has big glass windows to see everything without anything getting in the way. And guess what? There’s a bench inside where you can sit and chill. The capsules are roomy and cozy, so that you can have a super comfy time up there!

Interactive Touchscreen Panels:

Step inside the capsules, and you’ll find cool touchscreens telling you all about the stuff you see outside. They’re like magic windows that give you information about famous places you’re looking at. You can learn about the history and why these places are essential in the city. It’s like having a mini-tour guide right there with you!

Night Illumination:

The Singapore Flyer lights up like a big, colorful party when the sun goes down! It looks fantastic, whether you’re close to it or far away. Those lights make the Marina Bay skyline look even more awesome and cool! Dont miss Singapore Flyer night view.

Audio Guides:

Visitors can use these unique audio guides in different languages. They’re like storytellers who tell you about the cool stuff you see outside the Flyer. So you can learn about the history, culture, and why these places are so important. It’s like having a secret tour guide in your ear!

Time Capsules:

Sometimes, when a special event or something important happens, the Singapore Flyer puts special boxes called time capsules in some capsules. These boxes have things inside that are important for history. And guess what? They don’t open them right away. They wait until later to see what’s inside and remember that time!

Events and Celebrations:

Throughout the year, the Singapore Flyer holds various events, including exciting New Year’s Eve parties, themed gatherings, and even beautiful wedding ceremonies. The breathtaking cityscape in the background adds a touch of enchantment to every special moment.

Gift Shops and Souvenirs:

At the gift shops adjacent to the attraction, you can buy great souvenirs, gifts, and souvenirs to remind you of the beautiful time you spent aboard the Singapore Flyer.


The Singapore Flyer welcomes everyone, including individuals with disabilities, with its inclusive design. They have unique capsules and ramps that work with wheelchairs, so everyone can have a great time and enjoy the ride.

Here’s some useful info that tourists should keep in mind about the Singapore Flyer:

Singapore Flyer Opening Hours:

  • The Singapore Flyer generally operates daily, including weekends and public holidays.
  • The standard operating hours are from 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM.

However, it’s always a good idea to check the official website or contact the Flyer’s customer service for the most up-to-date information on operating hours, especially during holidays or special events.

Combined Experiences:

Make the most of your time in Marina Bay by combining your Singapore Flyer adventure with nearby attractions:

  • Gardens by the Bay: Just a short walk from the Flyer, this magical garden features amazing supertrees and serene dome conservatories. And take advantage of the fantastic light and music show at Supertree Grove at night!
  • Marina Bay Sands: Check out the fancy resort with a super cool hotel, a big shopping mall, a casino, and a Skypark with a pool that seems like it will go on forever.
  • Merlion Park: You get to see the famous Merlion statue, a majestic creature half lion half fish – a unique symbol of Singapore. You’ll find it close by, right on the shore.

Photography Tips:

Capture Amazing Photos: Get ready to snap some incredible shots at the Singapore Flyer! There are tons of picture-perfect moments waiting for you. To make sure your photos are top-notch, check out these photography tips:

  • Time of Day: How things look changes as the day goes by. For a soft and beautiful glow in your pictures, the best time to visit is during the golden hours, right after the sun, or just before it goes down.
  • Panoramic Views: Using your phone, use the panorama mode. Or if you have a camera with a wide-angle lens, that works, too. You’ll get to see the whole big view all in one picture!
  • Night Photography: When it gets dark, the city lights up! Set your camera on a tripod or something steady to get those fantastic night shots. Try using longer exposure times to make your photos look super cool without wobbles!
  • Selfies and Group Photos: Get creative with your selfies and group photos! The windows in the capsule are like mirrors, so use them to capture incredible shots with the stunning view in the background.

Plan for Weather:

Singapore is usually hot and sticky, so wear comfy clothes and think about bringing sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. But here’s the thing: rain showers might surprise you. So, throw in a small umbrella or raincoat!

Singapore Flyer visitor information Insider Tips:

  • Avoiding Crowds: If you like things calm and peaceful, here’s a tip: try going to the Singapore Flyer on weekdays. Or if it’s a weekend, go in the early morning. That way, you can enjoy without too many people around!
  • Online Booking: Save time by booking your tickets online in advance. It’s a smart move – you can also pick the best time for you!
  • Early or Late Visits: Sunrise and sunset make the Flyer look even more fantastic! If you come early or during the golden hour, you’ll have fewer people around and the chance for amazing photos.

Family Fun at the Singapore Flyer:

For families, the Singapore Flyer is a fantastic place to visit. There are things to do for both grown-ups and kids:

  • Kid-Friendly Capsules: There are unique capsules just for kids! These capsules have fun games and cool things to learn – perfect for young adventurers like you.
  • Junior Flyer Program: The Flyer has cool stuff just for you! They do extraordinary things like coloring contests, telling incredible stories, and even interactive workshops. You’ll have a blast while learning cool stuff at the same time!
  • Views for Kids: Children can marvel at the city’s landmarks from a unique perspective and even spot areas they’ve explored during their trip.

Group and Private Bookings:

If you’re travelling with many friends or want something unique, the Singapore Flyer has options just for you! They’ve got excellent group packages and even private capsules you can book:

  • Group Packages: If you’re coming with a big group, the Flyer has special deals just for you! They create packages that match the size of your group. You might get cool extras like going on first or even getting a discount!
  • Group Packages: If you’re coming with a big group, the Flyer has special deals just for you! They create packages that match the size of your group. You might get cool extras like going on first or even getting a discount!
  • Private Capsules: For an intimate and exclusive experience, you can book a whole capsule just for your group.

Imagine that – it’s like having your private party up there! Perfect for celebrating and hanging out with your favorite people while soaking in the incredible views.

Ticket Information:

Visitors have got choices when it comes to tickets! There are different ones for different things you might want. You can go for regular tickets, or if you wish to extra cool stuff, Singapore Flight lets you board first and even fancy options like Sky Dining. And here’s the easy part: You can buy your tickets online on the official website, at the ticket counter, or from unique places selling authorized tickets. Check Singapore Flyer price.


When you head to the Singapore Flyer, it’s not just a regular ride – it’s a bunch of fantastic experiences wrapped into one! There’s something for everyone, no matter what you’re into. From fun things for families to making the planet happier, the Flyer is about showing you how unique Singapore is. And guess what? Whether with your family, friends, or that special someone, the Singapore Flyer promises you a ride you’ll never forget. So, get ready to be amazed, learn cool stuff, and feel on top of the world as you take off on this incredible journey!

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